All those parties!

Readers who know my work from one genre - YA, say, or horror - are often surprised, almost always surprised, when they find out I write other stuff too, like the UNDER THE POPPY trilogy, or CHRISTOPHER WILD. I think of it as having entree to all kinds of parties, where there are all kinds of people, all kinds of conversations going on that I'm always ready to join.

Right now, BUDDHA BOY has just come out as an ebook -


and Carfax and Apex Verlag

are, or are about to, bring out new translations of THE CIPHER - - and I'll be reading from CHRISTOPHER WILD at Detroit's historic Scarab Club

with the amazing Daniel Kraus, inaugurating Write A House's Literally reading series.

I invite readers who've met me at one of those parties to come hang out at another, or at all of them. Let's have all the fun we possibly can!


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