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Monday, August 14th, 2017

KGB C Wild Levy3Christopher Wild is an imaginative historical novel, a menacing dystopia, and a grimy city tale in one.

KGB C Wild Levy 4

KGB C Wild Levy 2

With each incarnation of Kit Marlowe, the entourage and ensemble of his first life follow him to work out their karmic destiny—to betray, bear witness, or save him.  

KGB C Wild Cardamone

KGB C Wild Levy 1

Koja gives us an intensely romantic vision — one that is entirely appropriate for Christopher Marlowe, the man turned legend due to his words . . .


Marlowe in Chicago

He’s a London guy, but he’s been around the block, he knows a lot of people and a lot of people know him.

C WILD swag

CHRISTOPHER WILD is available in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Amazon,, and limited print edition right this minute, because now it’s time to go WILD.

All the senses all the time

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

At Shared Worlds, on a humid dewy morning in July, I led the student writers on a sense walk, a moment past all words: under green trees and into splashing water, through a thicket of booming percussion, and into a sweet little sacrament of Jolly Ranchers to mark our walk’s end. The students let themselves be opened, and came back to their classrooms sweetened, spangled with blossoms and damp from the breeze.



We’re made to have the world this way, through our eyes, our mouths and ears and fingertips, our palates, our lungs: we suck it in, we refract it, we add our particles to its panorama, we become part of it–but then, we always have been.


CHRISTOPHER WILD is infused and slippery with the senses–

 — and the body breathes in and out, one with the breathing world, rapt and glorying in even the smallest things–the feel of the breeze on bare skin, the vagrant scent of smoke, pink glitter of rain on a neon sign, the humble heat of bodies massed together on the train —

— and for GLITTER KING, the bespoke scent creators Sfumato will be concocting a fierce, sexy, punky palette of smells for our patrons, and us, to savor . . . Our senses know that we’re alive, that we’re raw and delicious and warm.

[Sfumato photo courtesy Sfumato. Shared Worlds photo courtesy Jeff VanderMeer.]

Drenched in it

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Christopher Wild buttons

The CHRISTOPHER WILD events will be so much more than static, standard readings. To befit a night with a man like Marlowe, it’s all about the senses: the restless electric urban hum, the smell and splash of booze and coffee, the bouquet of a lady’s lipstick, the passionate music of the words, the novel’s and his own . . . Wear black (p)leather, a fedora, an Elizabethan ruff, dress to impress yourself.

And do take one of the specially-created buttons, to declare your own favorite Marlovian aspect. Do you resonate with the

Atheist . . .

NightSchool Slide2

Poet and playwright . . .


Spy . . .



Or rebel . . .


Just weeks away now from the first event at KGB. So ready to have this fun!


Drunk on words with Marlowe and me

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017


KGB in NYC . . .


Abick’s in Detroit  . . .

And Chicago in-between, details TK. The CHRISTOPHER WILD launch tour is heading to the bar(s) — come get drunk on words with Kit Marlowe and me, get your book and get it signed, with a special little souvenir to tell the world how you roll . . . See you there!

CW hc 2


Marlowe’s here

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

CW hc 1

CHRISTOPHER WILD is here: the hardcover edition, literally hot off the press, with the ebook edition to follow, along with launch events in New York at KGB, in Chicago, and Detroit, and  . . .

It’s time to get drunk on words. Time for infinite riches, bitches, in a little room. Time to get together and go WILD.

Kathe signs Kit

Photo courtesy Rick Lieder.


Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Koja QED B Shunn

Witcover Koja Babak

Four writers – including me and the wonderful Paul Witcover, above – took the stage at Q.E.D. in Astoria, for a slate of work that flew with the birds and got deep into the dark murk of politics. I performed “Riverfest,” a brand-new companion piece to CHRISTOPHER WILD . . .



. . . which is available right now for preorder, and about to go to the printers – I’ll be doing launch events in Chicago and Detroit, details TK!

GLITTER KING, my adaptation of Marlowe’s gorgeous and terrifyingly contemporary EDWARD II, is in process for 2018. GLITTER KING is hosted by Grand On River, a performance and gallery space in Detroit: think DJ, live strings, movement artists, installation designer, freedom versus fear in a glitterpunk bar at the end of the world.


GK site 5 Bruno KK

Meanwhile, spring means BAUHAUS, nerve’s commissioned project for June 2017: musicians and movement artists and a pair of iron follies to play on. Rachael Ahn Harbert and Marianne Brass, with costume and installation concept renderings, are having fun already.

Bauhaus reh MB RAH

Folly 1 Bauhaus

And so am I, because when the work is really flowing it’s nothing but joy. Even when times are hard, especially when times are hard. Viva fun!