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All the beauty, all the time

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

The farther he rides the more lovely the day, the city's flux and peril less than a sorry rumor to the spring-green grass, the deep blue well of the sky; welkin is the word, empyrean, there is a word for everything.



. . . Rudy nearly as beautiful as St. Sebastian, smooth skin flecked with hair as fair as the damp strands stuck to his curving cheek--Come here, to touch and be touched, to grasp and stroke and taste the sweat that runs like salted honey down the runnel of his spine, to posses for moments what feels eternal, the flesh's best gift to the mind.




And the river in the sun is pure silver, is flecked with green, is cold when he kneels, low, low, to plunge in his hands, this river he swam only once, but he will swim again . . .


The future.


So worth fighting for, all of it, all of us.


The past is the future is now

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


He has been summoned more than once to this meeting that means to end by sending him off where, to Scotland? All the Service whispers and mutters say Scotland, but when or wherever he goes, it will not be for Scottish James or English Bess or any other monarch squatting on the throne, any throne, any time . . . Machiavel was right. Mephistopheles was right. The devil give thee good --




And online the broad ISS laws, paywalls like shock troops in suits and ties, the intent not just to block content but deny access altogether. It was worse in some places than in others, in some countries entire topics were becoming impassible, impossible, without a license or clearance to view; the only workable option was and is the shit-slow darknet, the alternet.


Yet even then he kept reading, careful to reseal the packets so Kym would not detect his tampering--but that tampering discovered at last, and irrevocably: see himself drifting in from an all-night drunk to find Kym in the early morning hallway, propped blue-faced in the light of the buzzing overheads, fingers crushed to cartoonish lumps, keys on the floor just out of reach--and one of the neighbors peering out big-eyed to whisper I called the cops, I heard him screaming, he screamed for you to open the door --


Christopher Marlowe is no stranger to art that says exactly what it means to say, whether or not the powers that be endorse, appreciate, or seek to destroy it. He'll always be a very contemporary artist.


[Pussy Riot interview here.

Jerzy Bohdan Szumcyzk article here.

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Pyotr Pavlensky profile here.

All quotes from CHRISTOPHER WILD.]


Literally fun

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

The Detroit Free Press says "The scariest thing of all may be how talented its featured authors are." Excited to be doing a new performative reading of CHRISTOPHER WILD, because reading with the marvelous Daniel Kraus is a treat. And kicking off Literally, a new reading series sponsored by Write A House, at the historic Scarab Club, means we get to go way dark in a very pretty place. Which is literally fun.

[Event photos courtesy Literally.]

The politics of dancing: GLITTER KING

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

The kingdom exists on the edge of the dark, in the beating heart of love, in the power of sex, in the smell of old smoke and new sweat, in the music of noise and the mutter of rage.

The kingdom is Edward's, and ours, and yours, in this time of political upheaval, and raw frustration, and hope. Which is every time, every era, every night.

[All photos courtesy Rick Lieder: Marianne Brass as Gaveston, Jared Scott Morin as Edward; Lisa LaMarre as Isabella, assisted by Rena Hopkins; Rachael Ahn Harbert as Mortimer; adapted and directed by Kathe Koja.]

All those parties!

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Readers who know my work from one genre - YA, say, or horror - are often surprised, almost always surprised, when they find out I write other stuff too, like the UNDER THE POPPY trilogy, or CHRISTOPHER WILD. I think of it as having entree to all kinds of parties, where there are all kinds of people, all kinds of conversations going on that I'm always ready to join.

Right now, BUDDHA BOY has just come out as an ebook -


and Carfax and Apex Verlag

are, or are about to, bring out new translations of THE CIPHER - - and I'll be reading from CHRISTOPHER WILD at Detroit's historic Scarab Club

with the amazing Daniel Kraus, inaugurating Write A House's Literally reading series.

I invite readers who've met me at one of those parties to come hang out at another, or at all of them. Let's have all the fun we possibly can!


So much fun, so much Marlowe

Friday, October 6th, 2017
GLITTER KING rehearsals have begun (L to R Ben Willis, Lisa LaMarre, Jared Morin, Marianne Brass, Rachael Ahn Harbert) and we're headed onsite, to the historic Grand On River, to create our grimy, glittery punk club for Edward, Gaveston, and our patrons. Tickets will be on sale in early November.           CHRISTOPHER WILD continues to make his way into the world--Lewis Shiner says "This is an ambitious, pugnacious, idealistic, reverberating, intellectual bonfire of a novel, filled with sumptuous prose and righteous anger" and since Lew himself is such a fine and painstaking writer, this praise is especially welcome.   And now I'm writing RIVERFEST, a new piece of performative fiction that dives into the deeps between readers and writers: why does a particular book or story or poem seem written just for us, what's the connection - beyond proximity or time - between reader and writer? Ben Willis is composing the soundscape for RIVERFEST; more information coming soon.     See you at the club, between the pages, or on the road!