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Bronte is punk

Friday, April 10th, 2015
I wish I could hold you till we were both dead!   catherine-and-heathcliff Don't torture me till I'm as mad as yourself!   Lieder-Heights-180415_X5 Do you believe such people are happy?   Lieder_19031512_500   [All quotes: Emily Brontë. Illustration: Fritz Eichenberg. Photos of Rachael Harbert and Steve Xander Carson: Rick Lieder.]  


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
Kathe_19Mar15_3 Fun is not a by-product of work. Your work must be fun or it's not worth doing. And your fun has a purpose, an engine, a focus: to make good work. Is there fun in the making of landscapes for serious play: the dark Wonderland of ALI<E, the POPPY brothel, the FAUSTUS altar, the gallery that holds THE HEIGHTS? Certainly, and it's extra fun to see the work featured in Live Design. What nerve is about, what my books are about, is that hand-in-hand creation, that joyride, It's a lot of work, all of it, and it doesn't all go as planned; sometimes (a lot of times!) there are failures and frustrations. But at the heart, that joyful engine keeps on driving: to the next book, the next event, the next surprise, the next challenge . . . If you find yourself saying,"Hey, wouldn't it be fun if someone made/wrote/created this or that," go and do it. Don't wait for the world to give you joy. #MYOF, make your own fun! [Photo: Rick Lieder.]  

Two roads to THE HEIGHTS

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015
Lieder_19031512_500 Lieder-19031524_500 Heathcliff believes in ghosts, in revenge, in love, in torment. Nelly Dean believes in life, in a better world reachable by goodness, by doing right, no matter how difficult. If Nelly had her way, they would all still be alive. In Heathcliff's world, there is no one but Cathy. Emily Brontë gives us both philosophies, worldviews, emotional landscapes, head-on and straight up. In working with this text, this gorgeous harsh material, we have to reach, to reach her HEIGHTS, and that's a joy.   [Photos of Steve Xander Carson, Rachael Harbert, and Marisa Dluge courtesy Rick Lieder.]

Who tells the story is the story

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Nelly Dean 3 12 rehearsal 3

Nelly Dean 3 12 rehearsal 5

Marisa Dluge understands Nelly Dean, that premier example of the "unreliable narrator" - unreliable to whom? Nelly knows the story of the Heights and the Grange, she was there, she saw it all, and had the confidence of all who lived there. Even Cathy, whom she so disliked. Even Heathcliff, to whom she lied. Even Edgar, who disappointed her by his meekness. Even Hareton and Catherine, the next generation, whose lives she will shape as she tried to shape Heathcliff's and Cathy's ... Unreliable? Says who? Anyone who might contradict her version, why, they've all passed away.

Nelly Dean 3 12 rehearsal 4

Nelly Dean 3 12 rehearsal

 [Photos of Marisa Dluge: KK.]

Live Design has nerve

Friday, February 20th, 2015
nerve Live Design Feb 2015 A great nerve shout-out in the February 2015 issue of Live Design magazine.The article details the process of choosing - casting - the site for each performance, and the unexpected pleasures every site provides: like a period desk that's really a bed, like a ready-made organist/music director, like a rabbithole we didn't know was there . . . Thanks, Live Design!

With the makers, at THE HEIGHTS

Sunday, February 15th, 2015
Apparition[1] We make consensual art. One of the four nerve precepts, goals, and pleasures, is that making: sharing the idea, then making the idea come real, together. Not just something you watch, but something you do. Jim Leach knows how to make all manner of things, and he's never afraid to plunge into a new idea. After he and I discussed the constructed characters at THE HEIGHTS - below, Hindley Earnshaw, and Edgar and Isabella Linton - he took the figures and some costumes pieces, applied his imagination and creative effort, and . . . Now they're not just figures anymore. They're Hindley, Edgar, and Isabella. And the Victorian-era nightgown above (donated by John Monaghan, another friend of nerve) now embodies the ghost-lights of memory: Heathcliff's memory, of Cathy. More memories will come into being, more consensual art. We love it when you come to play with us.   Hindley[1] Edgar[1] Isabella[1]