Christopher Wild is done!

c-wild-mood-board The mood board above my desk has been a map and a star throughout the writing of this novel, and now Christopher Wild is finished! What a ride, spending these months in close proximity to Marlowe's life, work, and sensibility . . . My 18th book, but this one is special. Writing about a writer - and a genius - takes some extra effort, and brings a different manner of joy. The book will be released in 2017, and the trade edition is available for preorder now.

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  1. Krista says:

    I pre-ordered this book last year, but the release date was pushed back and I can find no information as to when it is to be released this year. The only contact information for the publisher is via Facebook, which I do not have. Can you tell me what the new release date of the book is?

  2. Kathe says:

    Krista, the ms goes to the book designer this week, and shortly after to the printer; from then it’s just a question of printer schedule. I’ll be sending an email with shipping dates just as soon as I have that information. Apologies for the delay and many thanks for your patience!

  3. Kathe says:

    Krista, can you please email me, kathe AT Thanks!

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