“I count religion but a childish toy . . . there is no sin but ignorance.”   “All they that love not tobacco and boys are fools.”   Lieder-Marlowe_5DM3_800   In his own time, they called him "the Muses' darling" and "the best of poets" and "a notorious unbeliever," they said he was lucky to be murdered before he was burned at the stake. His erudition and ferocity, both on the page and off, has inspired every sort of artist, from musicians and writers to filmmakers like Derek Jarman and Jim Jarmusch; he's even inspired a perfume. Poet, playwright, spy, atheist, badass: Christopher Marlowe was, and always will be, one of a kind. Ever since I first read his sly erotic poetry, and his plays - every one a harsh brilliant thrill ride, but my favorite is EDWARD II - I've been his fangirl. And I knew one day I had to write about him. “Whoever loved, that loved not at first sight?” So here begins CHRISTOPHER WILD. Illustration It's a writing project unlike any other I've ever undertaken, because this time I'm inviting readers along from the very beginning of my journey, sharing the real-time process of the novel in progress, with excerpts, desk notes, research tidbits both academic and totally not . . .  Because this one is going to be such a fucking blast. Wit and sex and death and the turning wheel of centuries, as Marlowe moves across time, finding love and making enemies, always writing, always a rebel, always pursued, always himself. Come have fun with me. And with Kit the total badass. Let's go CHRISTOPHER WILD.   Marlowe cathedral marker [All quotes courtesy Christopher Marlowe. Painting of Marlowe by Rick Lieder, after the Cambridge portrait; from the author's collection. Marlowe window: Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey. ]  

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