Collecting the stories, going to extremes

Extremities Page-A-Day Came across this snippet from a different July, a page-a-day review of EXTREMITIES. Which is fitting, since now I'm busy assembling an e-version of that book, bookended with stories never before collected - and two never before published anywhere - to make GOING TO EXTREMES. GOING TO EXTREMES will be published later this year from Roadswell Editions. And I'm happy to announce that Rick Lieder is creating the cover art; I'll post that as soon as it's shareable. The current TOC sits at 34 stories, including a favorite of mine, "Ruby Tuesday," originally published in Nancy Holder and Nancy Kilpatrick's fine anthology OUTSIDERS. Bringing all these stories together has been a happy reminder of the exceptional editors I've worked with in their making, especially Ellen Datlow, without whose invitations many of the latter stories wouldn't exist at all. Thanks, Ellen! And thanks to the readers who've asked "When are you going to get busy and make a new collection?" The word for today is now.      

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