Come to the HEIGHTS

Firefly Come to THE HEIGHTS, to the moors, for the sake of desire. For the sake of life as it dances through death. For the chance to tell the world what you most desire -  a person, a destination, an ambition, folly, pleasure. Red Queen 4 rl We'll write on the walls. We'll make an altar of a bed. We'll celebrate the hard beauty of love that's lost, and love that can never die. Lieder-29S091427 I'm adapting Emily Brontë's masterwork with respect, with verve, with energy - with nerve! - working to be worthy of its power. MD wh Rachael Harbert is Cathy, Steve Xander Carson is Heathcliff, Marisa Dluge is Nelly Dean. In April 2015, nerve presents THE HEIGHTS. [All photos - fireflies image, Rachael Harbert (as the Red Queen), Steve Xander Carson, and Marisa Dluge, and  - courtesy Rick Lieder.]

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