Deep in the words

Lieder-Heights-180415_X2   In the Examiner's four-star review of THE HEIGHTS, Patty Nolan notes that "Those who love Wuthering Heights will appreciate how the script is true to Brontë’s own words." It is. Her words make the world we've recreated. Lieder-Heights-180415_X1 wh reborn 3 wh reobrn 4 The panelled bed at the Heights WH scrbing the tome 2 Floor painting HEIGHTS 2 At the end of the evening at THE HEIGHTS, a willow basket heaped with copies of Wuthering Heights is set out, and patrons are free to take one if they wish. And they do wish - the basket's already had to be replenished, two shows in. Because the words make the world.   WH floor 7

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