Directing the flow

In the flow, things move at their own pace - sometimes with speed, sometimes not, sometimes seemingly not at all - because that's how things get done and get made. Not by force, though sometimes with struggle - flow doesn't mean things always go smoothly; rivers have rapids, seas have swells, even storms. Even hurricanes. But if you trust it, if you align your own actions and attune your own creative compass, flow will always get you there: like a mermaid in the tide, like turning pages in a book, like the mind's current that takes an idea from imagination to here-and-now reality, if you just, yeah, go with that flow. As a writer and director, I trust that flow in everything I do, because it's never absent and it's always right. Bosch making-of D Cheklich Harbert Brass BOSCH reh K Koja M Perrin BOSCH reh [Video at link courtesy Diane Cheklich, from her "Garden of Earthly Delights" making-of video. Photos courtesy Diane Cheklich, Kathe Koja; Rena Hopkins, Rachael Harbert and Marianne Brass onsite; Rena Hopkins, Mary Perrin and Kathe Koja onsite.]    

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