Do quit your day job

She's a little bit older than I am, a lot more financially settled, very smart and very crisp. We're talking about my writing (she likes my books); we're talking about how one goes about producing immersive events, about working with young performers. And she smiles and says, "Well, I hope you tell them not to quit their day jobs!" And I remember a moment a few months before, sitting windowside at a cafe waiting for, yes, one of those young performers, paging through some information I'd brought to share. A service van stopped outside at a traffic light; its logo was somehow familiar. And I realized, Jesus, I used to work there! Years and years ago, my last day job was as service manager for that very business, sending trucks just like that into the world to fix restaurant refrigerators and cooktops. The logo had gotten a little more streamlined and modern, but it was the same business. And I thought: I could still be working there. Making a steady paycheck. Meticulously planning my vacations, and then my retirement. Planning for the day when I could write novels, when I could start my real life.... The light changed, the truck drove away. So I turn to the soigne woman, and "Actually," I say, "I can't tell them that." Because time really is money: we don't know how much we have in the bank, that's all, we never do until it's all gone. Because I could have spent the time that is my life behind that safe and steady day job desk. Because I never made that choice and never would. Spend your life doing your real work. Quit your day job. Now.

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  1. TeacherPatti says:

    This is where I feel lucky…my work schedule is such that I do have time to work on YA stuff (and enjoy the negative responses to query letters!), especially in the summer. I wish everyone had that luxury!

  2. Melissa Joy says:

    What is this “day job” I hear people speak of?

  3. LilyLazuli says:

    I’ve lived on both sides of that coin. After living for years temping so I can write…today I have the day job working as an assistant but at lunch, on the train, at the end of the day and on weekends I work on the creative writing. Some days are easier than other days but being 40+ I care about being able to live a broader life, to afford some savings, to have decent health care, to take a vacation, see some plays and enjoy my life too. I think there is plenty of room to do as much as we can with the lives/days we are given if we are motivated and focused enough. Just continue to do the creative work that’s what’s important…n’est pas? Peace, Lily~

  4. Sonoye Murphy says:

    It’s all good. I’m manifesting money. GOnna snag the Mega. You and Rick will be set. Along with a lot of others. Although I have no idea what “retirement” would loook like on you¿! Much love. Great post..

  5. Julie Travis says:

    “Spend your life doing your real work. Quit your day job. Now.”

    Wise words. More people need to make that jump, for whatever it is they really want/need to do in Life.

  6. Kathe says:

    Life is how we make it.

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