Drenched in it

Christopher Wild buttons

The CHRISTOPHER WILD events will be so much more than static, standard readings. To befit a night with a man like Marlowe, it’s all about the senses: the restless electric urban hum, the smell and splash of booze and coffee, the bouquet of a lady’s lipstick, the passionate music of the words, the novel’s and his own . . . Wear black (p)leather, a fedora, an Elizabethan ruff, dress to impress yourself.

And do take one of the specially-created buttons, to declare your own favorite Marlovian aspect. Do you resonate with the

Atheist . . .

NightSchool Slide2

Poet and playwright . . .


Spy . . .



Or rebel . . .


Just weeks away now from the first event at KGB. So ready to have this fun!


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