Making the darkness: creating DRACULA

Lieder-Dracula-_120116124_1500 Lieder-Dracula_290116006   Lieder-Dracula_120116X Lieder-Dracula-120116298_1500 Lieder-Dracula-260116042_500 dracula_poster_06_sm Dracula stairs RH Renfield's cell 1 Dracula shelves implements RH Dracula entry 2 RH Harker's dinner Juniper Moore Dracula dinner Dracula costume render Dracula shelves RH1 The cast. The space. The darkness. DRACULA. We created this for the ones who came to share it with us, to enter the story, to walk down the stairs and give their energies and presence to the dark. So many thanks to our patrons, from me and from nerve! [Cast photos: Rick Lieder. Installation photos: Rena Hopkins. DRACULA poster: Antichamber Design.] 

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