Nothing but fun

Marlowe2_500 "The will to play flaunts society's cherished orthodoxies . . . transforms the serious into the joke and then unsettles . . . the joke by taking it seriously . . . This is play on the brink of an abyss, absolute play."   . . . Says Stephen Greenblatt of Christopher Marlowe. Which is another way of saying Marlowe is fun. Marlon James says "He was a rock star." Which is another way.   All of which is another way of saying, welcome to CHRISTOPHER WILD! If you've decided to go bespoke, the fun's about to start  . . .  Though it already has, here at the desk, music blasting, ready and willing, oh so willing, to play. [Painting of Christopher Marlowe by Rick Lieder, collection of the author. Hanging over the desk. Of course.]

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