On the moors at Gallery 17

gallery17 Heights at G17:door wh g17 site 3 John Sippel and Gallery 17, in Detroit's Russell Industrial Center, opened its doors to nerve to create the urban moors. And we did. The panelled bed at the Heights Heighst at G17 tree 2 2 Heighst at G17 view 3 Heights at G17 30 Heights at G17 29 Heights at G17 31 Apparition[1] I worked with several of our creative volunteers - the Nervous System - to design and fabricate  the constructed actors, the book-trees, the lockets dangling high above. And Steve Xander Carson, Marisa Dluge, and Rachael Harbert took the text of Cathy Earnshaw's words to the floor, and the wall. They made a creature of memories, a book of loss. Heathcliff's calendar Cathy's creature And another book lay quietly in the ground, buried all winter, till its spring rebirth: the text, our text, on which our performance is founded. wh reborn 2 One of our central tenets is "We take space and use it." And we do.

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