Out of the darkness and into the Garden

Dracula shelves implements RH Six sold-out performances at DRACULA's table . . . nerve took Stoker's novel of hunger to some dark and novel places, in the hectic jingle of Renfield's straitjacket straps, the sweet in-suck of Lucy's breath, Dracula's glittering eyes, and Mr. Harker's agonizing, delicious decision every night. And each night I did my best to warn the patrons that they were no longer at the top of the food chain. Oh, and to enjoy their dinner. Harker's dinner Now, I'm heading to the garden, for nerve's summer commission from patrons Stan and Robin Mendenhall: recreating Bosch's amazing "Garden of Earthly Delights" as a shimmering performance of masks and tinkling bells, giant eggs and waving flowers, using music, movement, and at least one enormous owl. Hieronymus_Bosch_-_Triptych_of_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights_(detail)_-_WGA2516 2015oct02 Egg Pond 1 Two worlds, very different, to be sure, but both made of sheer fantastic imagination. And definitely made for play.

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