With the makers, at THE HEIGHTS

Apparition[1] We make consensual art. One of the four nerve precepts, goals, and pleasures, is that making: sharing the idea, then making the idea come real, together. Not just something you watch, but something you do. Jim Leach knows how to make all manner of things, and he's never afraid to plunge into a new idea. After he and I discussed the constructed characters at THE HEIGHTS - below, Hindley Earnshaw, and Edgar and Isabella Linton - he took the figures and some costumes pieces, applied his imagination and creative effort, and . . . Now they're not just figures anymore. They're Hindley, Edgar, and Isabella. And the Victorian-era nightgown above (donated by John Monaghan, another friend of nerve) now embodies the ghost-lights of memory: Heathcliff's memory, of Cathy. More memories will come into being, more consensual art. We love it when you come to play with us.   Hindley[1] Edgar[1] Isabella[1]  

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