So much fun, so much Marlowe

GLITTER KING rehearsals have begun (L to R Ben Willis, Lisa LaMarre, Jared Morin, Marianne Brass, Rachael Ahn Harbert) and we're headed onsite, to the historic Grand On River, to create our grimy, glittery punk club for Edward, Gaveston, and our patrons. Tickets will be on sale in early November.           CHRISTOPHER WILD continues to make his way into the world--Lewis Shiner says "This is an ambitious, pugnacious, idealistic, reverberating, intellectual bonfire of a novel, filled with sumptuous prose and righteous anger" and since Lew himself is such a fine and painstaking writer, this praise is especially welcome.   And now I'm writing RIVERFEST, a new piece of performative fiction that dives into the deeps between readers and writers: why does a particular book or story or poem seem written just for us, what's the connection - beyond proximity or time - between reader and writer? Ben Willis is composing the soundscape for RIVERFEST; more information coming soon.     See you at the club, between the pages, or on the road!

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