Speaking in tongues

KK RH LL MB Bauhaus reh 5:5 Rehearsal is a liminal place. We're where we are, discussing, debating, creating, but we're in the future, too, trying out ideas that may become performance, or may find life nowhere else but that room and that moment. Lisa Bauhaus reh 5:5 MB RH Bauhaus reh 5:5 Movement artists think with their bodies, their muscles, the way form speaks to space and vice versa. Add the costumes--here for BAUHAUS, our upcoming commissioned performance--and that conversation changes. As a director, I listen to the conversation and work to channel it into one blended, moving, emphatic voice. And when we're having fun, I know the voice is right. RAH LL MB reh 5:5 [All photos courtesy Rena Hopkins. Costumes by the Divine Iguana. Performers L to R: Rachael Ahn Harbert, Lisa LaMarre, Marianne Brass.]

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