The brothel, the moors, the dream of the city

My desk is a crossroads now - a throughway for writing in various guises and genres: the script adaptation for nerve's April production of Wuthering Heights . . . wh g17 site 1 WH Penguin . . . another script adaptation, in collaboration with Cary Brown, of Under the Poppy . . . Lieder_Poppy_090413x2-Vera-Laddie Miss-Lucinda1-1024x768 . . . and a dreamscape/essay about Detroit, in collaboration with Julia Solis. michct_02 Fun is being had, of course, and happy education, working with other artists. And at times, with the eyes of the mind half-closed, all these landscapes blur and converge into a pleasure-palace of wind-torn heath and lacelike decay, the scent of hot skin and clean dirt, the feel of old velvet, the taste of tears. All of these places know pain and know love. All of these places are real.   [Photos: WH: KK; UTP: Rick Lieder and anonymous; DET: Julia Solis.]

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