The past is the future is now


He has been summoned more than once to this meeting that means to end by sending him off where, to Scotland? All the Service whispers and mutters say Scotland, but when or wherever he goes, it will not be for Scottish James or English Bess or any other monarch squatting on the throne, any throne, any time . . . Machiavel was right. Mephistopheles was right. The devil give thee good --




And online the broad ISS laws, paywalls like shock troops in suits and ties, the intent not just to block content but deny access altogether. It was worse in some places than in others, in some countries entire topics were becoming impassible, impossible, without a license or clearance to view; the only workable option was and is the shit-slow darknet, the alternet.


Yet even then he kept reading, careful to reseal the packets so Kym would not detect his tampering--but that tampering discovered at last, and irrevocably: see himself drifting in from an all-night drunk to find Kym in the early morning hallway, propped blue-faced in the light of the buzzing overheads, fingers crushed to cartoonish lumps, keys on the floor just out of reach--and one of the neighbors peering out big-eyed to whisper I called the cops, I heard him screaming, he screamed for you to open the door --


Christopher Marlowe is no stranger to art that says exactly what it means to say, whether or not the powers that be endorse, appreciate, or seek to destroy it. He'll always be a very contemporary artist.


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All quotes from CHRISTOPHER WILD.]


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