“What are your books about?”

utp_300 What kind of books do you write? Book cover illustration I mean, what genre? Horror? Historical? YA? What? Koja-Strange-Angels_300 Talk_300 What are they about?   About a man whose darkest art finds him. About a boy almost a man and a girl almost a woman who talk themselves into the truth. And two men who take on the world with a box of puppets and a concertina. And a questing man who thinks he wants to see: and does. And then can't stop.   MercuryWaltz_300 All my novels (16 and counting, not counting short fiction) share one view of the world - through a crowd of  characters, situations, genres, all different lenses on that same view - that making art can be a question of life or death, of life and death, life's laughing answer to death: and that there's no steeper fun to be had than plunging into that making, and letting it make you who you are, always were, had to be. And always, always, there's the joy and play of language, the story and the words it takes to tell it as a game shared by the reader and the writer, collaborators, making our play together. If you want to play with me, read on! Because that's what my books are about.  

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  1. Mary Drake says:

    As a writer (currently not yet published) I understand intuitively what you mean when you write about “letting it make you who you are, always were, had to be.” I can’t and don’t want to stop writing now that I’ve finally (at 60) allowed myself freedom to play with words. Sometimes it feels like really hard work, other times it flows effortlessly and I lose myself in it.
    I always considered myself a realist but fantasy allows me the freedom to imagine so much more. I’ll be sure to check yours out.

  2. Kathe says:

    Wordplay is tremendous fun. Let yourself play!

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