Hare readies rl To make a world requires citizens - in nerve's case, citizen-artists, all of whom bring all they've got to the task and pleasure of making. It takes big talent, absolutely. But it takes more than talent to keep the world you've made alive: alive to every interaction, every word and moving moment, every second of Wonderland from the moment the entrance doors open until they finally close. Carpenter watches rl Pale King waits rl There is no "offstage." Red Queen 4 rl Lieder-29S091421 This process takes a lot of energy - a lot. And it takes a combination of bravery and brio, to trust (and keep trusting) yourself, and the other makers - and our patrons, who make the world along with us, every night. Lieder-29S091427 Cheshire Cat pounces rl After every performance - in the eventual light of the "real" world, outside, that somehow doesn't feel all that real anymore - our patrons tend to linger, to ask questions of each other, to laugh or to debate or all of the above. They come to performances, then come again,  seeking to see every bit of that world, to watch all the characters going about their business and their lives.   WRab vs Tweedle room rl   If you've come to us, stayed with us, played with us in the shifting landscape of strobe and twinkle and shadow  ... This world is yours. Which is why we call what we make consensual art. Because you, you're making it, too.   [All photos - John Denyer, Marisa Dluge, Chris Jakob, Rachael Harbert, Marianne Brass, Steve Xander Carson, Egla Kishta, Laura Bailey - courtesy Rick Lieder.]

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