You get what you pay for

Creators create, that's a given. Words, music, motion, visuals: they make. And appreciators appreciate, when what that creator's made hits and pleases their own receptors: they read, listen, watch, attend; they take part with their energy, because art is a full contact sport. Somewhere in this equation, there's payment. Creators pay with their lives (does that sound melodramatic? A life is made of days and hours; so is art). If you do appreciate a piece of art - if you want it to exist - you should pay for it. The forms that payment can take are varied, and the transaction ought to be satisfying: give till it hurts is bullshit. Give because it's fun. No one has to pay for art. No one has to have art. But if you do want it, then you know what to do: help it happen, make it happen. Pay for it. KatheKoja_2301144  

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  1. Thank you, Kathe. Clear and concise, as ever.

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